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An extraction is a permanent removal of a tooth.  When you visit our office we will give you all of your treatment options, which may include the extraction of a tooth.  When you are in pain or discomfort you don't always want to think this decision through, you just want to feel better. 


This is a very difficult decision and should be carefully considered to make certain that extracting a permanent tooth is right for you. We are happy to discuss all of the pro's and con's of tooth loss, and will help you plan a treatment to replace a tooth or teeth if the the extraction is your treatment of choice.


Unfortunately, we are not able to extract every tooth- we are happy to refer you to a qualified specialist in the area for your benefit. 

We proudly offer extractions at our convenient location in Shrewsbury, PA. If you have a toothache or pain in any of your teeth, a tooth extraction and a dental implant or bridge may be an option.

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